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Implant Treatment

The dental implant is an artificial tooth root, made of appropriate materials and placed in the jawbone so as to provide the function and aesthethic of the missing teeth.


Aesthetic Dental Treatment

Laminate veneer is the most preferred treatment method for smile design. Eliminating gaps between teeth, changing tooth color, removing erosion and even misalignments is possible by this treatment.

Dental bridge of 3 teeth over molar and premolar. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatment

Crown Bridges Dentures

They are the dentures helping to restore the parts of the teeth seen in the mouth and made of various materials. In general they are preferred when there is so much material loss that the teeth cannot be filled or there are different aesthetic expectations.


Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics is a dentistry branch regarding the normal structure and development of the teeth and chin, the disorders and the treatment of these disorders. As dentists, we aim you to have a nice and healthy smile. Orthodontic treatment will give you a great and healthy smile. Also, it aims you to have more functional teeth and chin joints and to fix the relations of teeth.


Total or Partial Dentures

If the patient has lost all the teeth in his mouth, total dentures should be done. Recently, the total dentures are not the only chance of the mouths without teeth. Dentures are supported by the implants installed in the jawbone, hence they give a feeling to the patients such as chewing with their natural teeth and this makes the dentures frequently preferred.

before and after teeth whitening close-up

Bleaching - Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening is the processing of removing the temporary colorings in the teeth structure (on the enamel and dentine surfaces). As we have different colors of hair and skin, we may have different colors of teeth. While some teeth are more yellow, some teeth are get yellow as the years pass by. The natural teeth color may be affected many factors. The nutrition habits are the most effective of them.


Periodontal Treatments

It is the most common and protective method of the gingiva disease treatments. The tartars called plaque are removed. The plaque is an adhesive material and mostly made of bacteria. The plaque is hardened in time and the tartars are formed. Plaque and tartar cling on tooth surface, especially on root surface under the gingiva line.During this operation all tartar is cleaned and the disorders on the root surface is removed.

root canal treatment-078475-edited

Endodontic Treatments

Firstly, you should know that, no one artificial tooth replace a natural tooth. So we should protect our natural teeth by treatments, till the last point. When one of our teeth gets ill, one of the most known protection method is root canal treatment. Root canal treatment assists to protect damaged teeth. Pulp (nerve, blood vessels, lymph containing soft layer in tooth) dies when it gets damaged so hard that cannot repair itself. Generally, bacteria in broken teeth and deep cavities cause it. Bacteria lead to inflammation in dental pulp. If damaged or infected pulp are not taken out, then the tooth and the tissue around it are exposed the infection. At the end you can lose your tooth completely.


Conservative Treatments

Conservative dental treatment is a dentistry branch aiming the treatments of the decays in early stage fomed in the crust of the tooth such as enamel or dentine and providing the vividity of the tooth by ceasing the progress of the decays. Hence the next steps such as endodontics (canal treatment) or taking out the tooth is hampered. The losses of the dental materials are treated with tooth filling with aesthetic functional and oral tissues.


Pedodontic Treatments

Pedodontics, a Latin word, means “child teeth”. The Department of Pedodontics in Dentistry is concerned with the preservation and treatment of milk and permanent teeth, starting from birth until the ages of 12-13, when the whole milk teeth are changed.


General Anesthesia and Operating Room

In the dentistry, the patients with the fear of dentist chair are difficult to work with because of the fear of dental treatment. The control of the fear and anxiety could be done with the psychological and pharmacological (medicines) ways. It is important to communicate well for a successful dental treatment. However, it gets hard to make the dental treatments in the cases where the psychological approaches and fundamental behavior management techniques are insufficient. In such cases, it is possible to make the dental treatments with the sedation and general anesthesia methods in the oral and dental health centers with the adequate infrastructure and equipment.


Surgical Treatments

As we all know, the wisdom teeth are third molar teeth in our mouth, appearing the last. Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17-25. The issue of leaving these teeth in the mouth or not is controversial. If they grow in proper position and does not harm the surrounding tissue, it is no harm in leaving them. Considering the possible damages of a tooth with abnormal position, merged into the jawbone with abnormal position (detected by x-ray), it could be determined to take it out. In case of any narrow place behind the teeth, growth of the tooth could be hampered by gingiva, bone and other neighbor tooth.